The Cuckold - Red Faced Man Oil on Canvas 1960s P2688

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An extraordinary image, scabrous, infuriated and hilarious: penises abound (none of them his, they garland the stool he is sitting on... trophies?... rivals?), and he is making the sign of the horn, which means many things, but not in this case, with his many proliferating hands. Not all of them however. Others are pointing accusing fingers at who?... his wife? her lovers?

The work is an astonishing combination of the wild cartooning of Tomi Ungerer and a witty riff on Leonardo Da Vinci's celebrated drawing of the similarly encircled Vitruvian Man.  A male consumed by jealousy and fury and his own impotence. He is even sporting one additional pair of arms making the sign of the cuckold as his own pair of horns. It's a terrific work. And totally wild.

The signature, loose and bold, reads Stüssi to our eyes. But not conclusively. The canvas measures 47 1/2" x 48", and the frame is 48" x 49".

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