American Contemporary Art: West Coast/East Village

This is close to our hearts, the late eighties through the nineties explosion of art all over the streets and onto the walls and the subway cars and into the brand new galleries that popped up like daisies wherever the rents were low, brash, fearless, bratty, smart and truly democratic. And each coast had its own distinct flair and flavor. Punk, post-punk, post-pop, post-modern, political or just rock and roll, a whole new generation of American artists ran with it. And we were there, stylin' the scene and our friends were buying their friends' art and one friend in particular accumulated a really fascinating collection and brought it to us: special pieces, mostly in the favored medium of the times, prints!

Lesli Arbuthnot is a legend in the world of public relations and promotion. During a career that began in Portland with her own band (yes, THEN), moving to San Francisco for Dr Winkie’s never to be repeated DV8 club in its glory years, onwards to LA and Details Magazine, Lesli was at the epicenter of what was happening in the 80s and 90s, and of course a lot of what was happening was art. Friendships followed with artists, Keith Haring, Richard Duardo, and others became her mentors, and, little by little, she found herself with a collection of works uniquely reflective of those times and places: New York and Los Angeles and Portland and San Francisco, the club world, the music world, the fashion world, and the explosion of upstart galleries that upended the art world. We are very happy that she has entrusted us with some of these seminal works, some are one-of-a-kind exemplars, often gifts from the artists themselves.