Monmouth Pottery

Monmouth Pottery Dick's Beer Advertising Mug CA2401

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Measures 11" tall x 13" x 10". Very nice condition.

The Monmouth Pottery Company began in 1894 and was located in Monmouth, Illinois.  They produced useful items like butter churns, crocks and jars.  Their pieces were marked with a maple leaf & business name.  In 1906, Monmouth was one of seven Midwestern companies that merged to create Western Stoneware.  The other companies were Weir, Macomb Stoneware, Macomb Pottery, D. Culbertson, Clinton and Fort Dodge.  Although many of the new businesses wares were not marked, the ones that were always were done with the maple leave.  About anything that could be made out of clay was produced at one of these seven plants.  Over the years the number of plants decreased due to fire and lack of financial viability.  After 1956, only plant #2 in Monmouth, IL continued production.  Western Stoneware Company ceased operations of it's last facility in 1985 & again in 2006 due to its inability to compete with Asian ceramics.  The pottery was soon thereafter purchased and production resumed.  It continues to make pottery today. (2010)

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