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WAMPAS Baby Star Centerpiece Girl Joan Blondell 1932

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Souvenir from a WAMPAS (Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers) Baby Star dinner, the centerpiece from the 1932 event. We think this is Joan Blondell, but maybe it’s Mary Carlisle? Perhaps the truth is lost to history. Yet, there is the sticker (see photo) which tells us this great piece is from the Art Shop at the Ambassador in Los Angeles. Centerpiece made of crepe paper, wood, and the head is wax. Measures 13″ high.

We have another WAMPAS figure M874 (Dolores Del Rio) and you can read about this fascinating event from Old Hollywood here.

Here is some information on the Art Shop and these figures: Circa 1920s, a series of actress and celebrity dolls, generally costumed in crepe paper fantasies, were sold in The Art Shop of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles; at that time, the Coconut Grove night club at the hotel was the “in” club where glitterati gathered. According to some research, the dolls were both sold in the gift store, and also appeared as centerpiece dolls on prestige tables (such as WAMPAS) in the Coconut Grove. Each represented a celebrity actress of the day.