Vintage Gucci Silver Plate Hare Stirrup Cup 1970s A2076

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Vintage Gucci Silver Plate Stirrup Cup, some wear and tarnishing. See photos. 5.25" high x 4" x 3". Unusual and intriguing. 

A stirrup cup is a "parting cup" given to guests, especially when they are leaving and have their feet in the stirrups. It is also the traditional drink (usually port or sherry) served at the meet, prior to a traditional foxhunt. The term can describe the cup that such a drink is served in.

Often a stirrup cup was deliberately designed to have no base, as it is not meant to be set down, but rather handed over, drained, and handed back. The design of this stirrup cup echoes this but uses the animal's head cleverly as a stable base.

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