Reynold Brown


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A dynamic and animated scene of a family in a covered wagon getting under way to join a wagon train and leaving home, by one of America’s most influential and admired illustrators. All the elements of story-telling are effortlessly put in play, every person is emotionally alive and engaged in their private drama… the new born baby being handed up to its mother, the little boy saying goodbye to a horse, the hired guide in his buckskins and knotted red kerchief wondering how these tenderfeet are going to cope with the rigors of the journey ahead, the herd of cattle following the wagon, this family’s capital, their bet on the future: no one is unaware of the odds against them, or not convinced of the necessity to push westward. The atmosphere of mingled sadness and excitement is perfectly rendered, the open way, the new land, and the life left behind.

Reynold Brown (b. William Reynold Brown in Los Angeles in 1917 – d. 1991) was a prolific American realist artist who drew many Hollywood film posters.