Richard Liebermann

Portrait of Nathan Milstein by Richard Liebermann 1931 P2046

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This extraordinary work by the deaf painter Richard Liebermann (1900-1966) absolutely captures the charisma of the legendary Nathan Milstein (one of the very greatest violinists of the 20th century).  It is freighted by the irony of this collaboration between the deaf artist and the sublime musician, both Jewish, as well as deeply shadowed by the coming Holocaust, which, unlike Milstein, Richard did not escape, having been sent to Dachau, although he did survive.

We have appended portraits of both men, including those of Richard taken at the Landschulheim in Herringen , a school for Jewish children, where Richard taught until he was sent to the camps. We have copies of the letter written to Eisenhower asking help in recovering Richard's paintings after the war.

Canvas 25" x 31", Frame 30" x 36" Oil on canvas. Strip lined and cleaned.

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