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Portrait of a Young Man in Cold Weather Military Gear c 1946-50

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Sitter unknown, painting unsigned, and yet it is one of the most vivid, arresting, and evocative works of portraiture that we have ever handled. Clue: the dark olive color of the US Navy deck jacket dates it to just after WWII. Is he stationed in the Aleutians? Serving in Korea? The pinkie ring attracts attention: possibly could be the kind of ring known as the Engineers’ Ring, as a token of gaining an engineering degree. Or it might simply be a token of friendship. Certainly it’s important to him to display it: huddled against the cold he has chosen to remove his gloves so his hands may be seen. That face, the posture, those hands, all are gifts to the painter. We are particularly admiring of the way the artist has underlined the huddling by crowding the soldier into the frame. A brilliant painting on all counts, historically, psychologically and artistically.

Frame 18 1/2″ x 26 1/2″, canvas 14″ x 22″