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Pam Company Ice Cold Drink Advertising Clock circa 1963 A2380

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And when re-wired it will light up. Needs a new cord. The glass is in perfect condition. Made by the Pam Clock Company of New Rochelle, NY in 1963! We are in love with the cold-drink-sippin'-thru-a-straw-kid-polar-bear-on-the-very-soft-drink-cup-it's-sippin'-on meta-depiction..

Measures 15 1/4" x 15 1/4" x 5"

From the NEW Pam Company's website:

"Pam advertising clocks and thermometers epitomized the best in promotional and branded products from the early 1940s to the early-1970s. The company’s distinctively designed backlit instruments advertised products ranging from milk, soft drinks, and beer to gas and motor oil, spark plugs, bread, shoes, and medicines. Coca-Cola and RC Cola were among the thousands of companies that chose the Pam Clock Company to illuminate their brand image.

Clocks from Pam’s Coca-Cola series from the 1950s are hot commodities on Internet auction sites. Known as the Sun Bottle, the Red and Green Bottle, and the Red Dot clocks, they and other brands often sell for thousands of dollars.

Pam advertising clocks were crafted in aluminum or metal and the unique glass crystals came in a variety of shapes. The new Pam Company has updated the technology by replacing the two light bulbs to backlight the display with LED in 2 options; white for maximum illumination or yellow for that true retro feel thus faithfully preserving the signature style that’s makes the vintage models such coveted collector’s items. Whether it’s used as a promotional giveaway or sold as retail merchandise, a Pam advertising clock or thermometer is sure to keep your brand in the limelight."

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