Jay Rivkin

Jay Rivkin - Modernist Abstract - Mixed Media P2984

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Mixed media, paper mounted on board. Measures 25" x 30". Supremely elegant work by an artist at the peak of her powers. The biography on AskArt below gives an idea of her astonishing range.

Jay Rivkin's assemblages echo the surrealist collage movement brought to New York from Europe in the1940's.  Rivkin initially worked in pencil drawings, combining them with collage and acrylic and eventually focusing on collage and assemblage work.  Through the juxtaposition of disparate elements, she brings pencil drawings together with newspaper clippings, boxes, dollar bills, flags and military badges, combining her aesthetic strengths and sure structuring of form. 

Rivkin's commentary on American culture and values is often unflattering but intriguing in it's honesty.  Her witty imagery allows for the insertion of serious political issues, the addressing of our worst fears- recycling, social issues and the part that economics play in daily life in addition to her personal experience. Her assemblages compel the viewer to ponder such issues as the inanity of war, the plight of the homeless and the waning of the dollar's value abroad. She also addresses the role of art and artists in a society geared toward conquest and profit.  Jay Rivkin unveils the truths she has arrived at, inviting us to question our assemblage of ideas and convictions.

She is the author of numerous books and a major contributor to California modernism.

Jay Rivkin passed on in September of 2006 at the age of 90.

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