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Oldsmobile Limited Showroom Display Poster Very Rare c 1910

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Don’t let its slightly battered appearance fool you: this is a true and very rare automotive poster treasure. We have had it cleaned and stabilized and the original linen backing carefully re-backed on new linen. It was designed to be hung framed, mimicking its original oil painting, in Oldsmobile showrooms. The graphic is explosively dynamic as befits the introduction of a ground-breaking automobile. This is the moment when human beings truly fell in love with speed, and with cars. Especially a heart-poundingly exciting beast like the Oldsmobile Limited. And this poster commemorates perhaps the greatest event in the Limited’s history: winning a race against the 20th Century Limited. And the painting this poster immortalizes is Setting the Pace, painted in 1909 by William Hardner Foster.

The 1910 Limited Touring was a high point for the company. Riding atop 42-inch wheels, and equipped with factory “white” tires, the Limited was the prestige model in Oldsmobile’s two model lineup. The Limited retailed for US$4,600, an amount greater than the purchase of a new, no-frills three bedroom house. Buyers received goatskin upholstery, a 60 hp (45 kW) 707 CID (11.6 L) straight-six engine, Bosch Magneto starter, running boards and room for five. Options included a speedometer, clock, and a full glass windshield. A limousine version was priced at $5,800. While Oldsmobile only sold 725 Limiteds in its three years of production, the car is best remembered for winning a race against the famed 20th Century Limited train. In 1926, the Oldsmobile Six came in five body styles, and ushered in a new GM bodystyle platform called the “GM B platform”, shared with Buick products.  Size: 41 h x 31.5 w.

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