Margarita Weihmann

Margarita Weihmann: Portrait of a Woman

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Beautiful portrait of a Mexican woman, was in an exhibition in 1946. Oil on Canvas, 17 x 21 art, 23 x 28 framed, great uniquely carved wood frame.

Margarita Weihmann is just coming to the attention of American collectors. Of the generation of political refugee artists and writers who found, at first, refuge, and then, a true home in Mexico during World War II, Weihmann soon found herself at the center of the ferment of social-realist and indigenous art of the period, rubbing shoulders with, and painting and showing alongside, the giants of the period, Rivera, Kahlo, Orozco, Varo, Fini, and a host of others, now of legendary status. And, as the work shows, this gifted European became a truly Mexican painter, imbued with the excitement and ideals of the time. We are very excited to be able to offer a selection of these rarely seen works.

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