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“Manola” Boudoir Doll 1920s

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The boudoir doll was a touchstone accessory for a certain kind of 1920s girl. Not really a flapper, more the kind you would categorize as an adventuress, or a chorus girl, a party girl, certainly an acknowledged beauty. A prize. A pearl of a certain price. The boudoir doll was an integer of sophistication, a knowing wink at an innocence left behind but still somehow within reach, its very name proclaiming the essential disconnect, the titillating contradiction. The balancing act of young womanhood was particularly high off the ground and definitely performed without a net in the Jazz Age. And the doll was there to disturb, to provoke and to, in some way, protect the intrepid female who chanced her looks and charms in the wicked world. This terrific example was known as a “Manola” for her Spanish costume. Lovingly dressed, she boasts matching shoes, and lisle stockings and knickers and a petticoat. Intoxicating.

39″ tall.

Condition: original, some loose seams, some fraying, a couple of facial chips, and a dislocated but complete shoulder. Her hair is thread and some strands have became disarranged from the ‘do. Unrestored.

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