Herman Struck

Herman Struck: Horses in the Moonlight

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Herman Struck: Horses in the Moonlight. Haunting,  nocturnal view of stable area. Oil on board, 17 x 14, frame size 18 x 21.5.

Painter, illustrator. Born in Wandsbek, Germany on March 31, 1887. Struck (1887-1954) immigrated with his family to the U.S. about 1891. The family lived in Milwaukee and later in Oregon in the Hood River Valley area. At age 18 he came to San Francisco where he enrolled at the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art. When the earthquake and fire destroyed the art school and most of the city, he went to Chicago for further study at the AIC. He returned to San Francisco after his studies and California was to remain his home thereafter. In the late 1920s he worked as an illustrator for Sunset Magazine. In 1932 he settled in Novato, CA where he remained until his death on Jan. 13, 1954. His landscapes are characterized by simplicity and uncluttered composition.

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