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Early 19th Century Portrait Oil of Emperor Ferdinand I Austria

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Early 19th century oil on canvas of a man in military uniform with decorations, painted circa 1825-1840 at the latest. We have had this looked at by an expert in the period and it’s the real thing. Has been professionally relined, with small repairs, mostly some in-painting to the background and some enhancement to the eyes and hair. The frame is 33″  x 27 1/2″, and the canvas 26″ x 21″.

A strong case can be made for this being a portrait of the Austrian Emperor Ferdinand I. What first put us on to this is the Order of The Golden Fleece he wears around his neck, which automatically narrows the field considerably, being only awarded to Spanish or Austrian royalty and, exceptionally, to other grandees and statesmen and military figures of importance. Among the other discernible decorations is that of the order of Saint Theresa which further identifies him as being connected to the Austrian Empire. Further research, and comparison with other extant portraits, and a very helpful letter from a follower in Austria, identify him to our satisfaction as the Emperor. We append a contemporary portrait of the Emperor, it's a very good match.

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