Du Pont

Duco-Delux Automotive Paint Sign - Double-sided Porcelain Enamel A2646

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Pretty wonderful. Measures  36 " x 28 1/4". Local pickup or freight only. Contact us for a quote.

DuPont Duco was a lacquer formula dating from 1923. It held its gloss better over time and stood up to regular washing better, and being a lacquer, took less time to dry. Duco was also more expensive.

DuPont Dulux was an enamel formula introduced in 1926. It took longer to dry (usually overnight), but was less expensive. Dulux enamel was more resilient and resistant to chipping, and was a better choice for locomotive and car running gear.

Many railroads, including D&RGW and UP, specified Duco lacquer for use on the carbodies of their diesel locomotives, but continued to specify Dulux enamel for use on locomotive running gear.

Aluminum paint color, sometimes known as bright aluminum, was used to simulate polished stainless steel. Depending on the needed durability, both Dulux Aluminum enamel and Duco Aluminum lacquer were used.

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