DeWitt Parshall

DeWitt Parshall Point Lobos Oil on Canvas P1076

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A big painting, masterfully assured. Frame 40″ x 46″, canvas 30″ x 36″.

The iconic Point Lobos area is geologically unique and contains a rich and diverse plant and animal life both on shore and in the water. Called the “greatest meeting of land and water in the world” by landscape artist Francis McComas, Point Lobos is considered a crown jewel in the California state park system.

An expressive painter of coastal and landscape views, DeWitt Parshall was born in Buffalo, New York, and graduated in 1885 from Hobart College where he irritated faculty members because of his ability to do caricatures.  He also studied at DeVeaux school in Niagara Falls, the Royal Academy at Dresden, and from 1886-1882, had further study at the Julian and Cormon academies in Paris.

He set up a studio in New York City, but his interest was western landscape, and he became a member of the Society of Painters of the West. From 1910 to 1917, he did a series of paintings of the Grand Canyon for which he remains best known.  Full of emotion and color, they have been labeled “expressive”.  In 1917, he moved for the remainder of his life to Santa Barbara, California, where he specialized in coastals and landscapes.

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