Carlos Merida

Carlos Merida "Mazateca-Estado de Oaxaca" 1941

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A beautiful illustration of regional costume, a woman in a gorgeous "huipil", a pot, flowers and a pair of birds, just a knockout graphic, the colors so fresh, the effect so modern and utterly traditional at the same time.

12 3/4 x 17 3/4. Print mounted on board, a little light burn at the edges.

The Mazatec are an indigenous people of Mexico who inhabit the Sierra Mazateca in the state of Oaxaca and some communities in the adjacent states of of Puebla and Veracruz. 

Mazatec tradition includes the cultivation of entheogens for spiritual and ritualistic use. Plants and fungi used for this purpose include psilocybin mushrooms,  psychoactive morning glory seeds (from species such as Ipomoea tricolor and Turbina Corymbosa, and perhaps most significant to the Mazatecs, Salvia divinorum.This latter plant is known to Mazatec Shamansas ska María Pastora, the name containing a reference to the Virgin Mary.