Carl Oscar Borg

Carl Oscar Borg [1879-1947] Etching of the Santa Barbara Mission

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Carl Oskar Borg (March 3, 1879 – May 8, 1947) was a Swedish born, American painter who was known for themes of the Southwestern United States.

Carl Oscar Borg was born into a poor family in Grinstads parish, County of Älvsborg,Dalsland province, in Västergötland, Sweden. Oscar Borg moved to London at age 15 to assist portrait and marine artist George Johansen. In 1901, he sailed for the United States. Borg taught art at the California Art Institute in Los Angeles and at the Santa Barbara School of the Arts. He became a protégé of American philanthropist and art patron Phoebe Hearst. She gave him the opportunity to return to Europe to study art.

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