Arthur Putnam

Arthur Putnam “Saber Tooth Tiger” Tabletop Bronze 1910

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A powerful work of unusual poignancy by the great American animal sculptor Arthur Putnam. Sculpted a year before the operation to remove a brain tumor that paralyzed him and effectively ended his career, the sculpture portrays the animal in what appears to be its death agony. The scene of its death is a tarpit: one can see some of its limbs already swallowed up in the mire as, roaring, it struggles with all its strength to extricate itself. Tragic, cruel and beautiful, and consciously or not, a clear projection of the artist’s own feelings about the threat he was confronting in his own life. Bronze measures 4.5″ wide at the base, 10.5″ long and 4″ high. Patina is consonant with age of the piece.