Geoffrey Holt

Geoffrey Holt - Cowboy Town at Night Original Bekins Calendar Art 1948 P2171

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This is really superb illustration art, from illustration's Golden Age in the magazines and advertising. In many ways, as much as the movies did, painters like Holt shaped the way we see ourselves still. And even shaped the way the movies showed it. This archetypal scene of the Old West is remarkable for its handling of light, the sense of life stirring in the awakening West as it was settled.

Oil on canvas 26" x 34". Frame 32" x40"

Born in England, Geoffrey Holt did realistic western landscape painting in both oil and watercolor.

He lived in Minneapolis during his youth and worked as an interior designer for John S Bradstreet Company.  By 1921, he was living in San Francisco and then in the 1930s, moved to Southern California.  He lived first in Los Angeles and then in Long Beach where he lived until his death in 1977.

His painting style has been described by Edan Hughes as realistic "in the manner of the English School."  Two of his California mission paintings, circa 1910, are in the collection of the Society of California Pioneers, and a Grand Canyon landscape is in the Santa Fe Railway Collection.

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