The Coolest Hollywood Movie Poster and Memorabilia Collection Ever

We acquired an extraordinary grouping of Hollywood movie posters and memorabilia that now forms the bulk of this collection from a noted collector in Palm Springs. At its heart is the presiding Holy Trinity of Bette, Joan and Tallulah, but right away you'll notice its wide range and its other distinguishing feature, the abundance of foreign language posters of these great Hollywood flicks, from its Golden Age to its Silver and to its Bold-As-Brass. Great classics rub shoulders with exploitation, noir with ladies' weepies. And let's face it, this guy loved the great gals, from Greta Garbo to Tippi Hedren. And, boy, do so many of these still have that Palm Springs mid-century cool they can't lose even when jostled by those pushy little drive-in screeners. Hollywood from "A" to "B".