Ralph Davison Miller

Ralph Davison Miller (1858-1946) Village Scene, Two Women in an Oxcart - c 1920s Oil on Masonite P3122

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A really impressive work, the paint laid on skillfully in a thick impasto, both knife and brush work. Measures 30" x 40", frame is 35" x 45".

Born in Cincinnati, OH on Sept. 7, 1858. Ralph Davison Miller lived in Kansas City for several years and specialized in still lifes during his early career. Except for criticism and pointers on improving his technique from George C. Bingham, he remained a self-taught painter. Miller lived in New Mexico in the 1880s and settled in Los Angeles in 1893. He remained a resident of Los Angeles except for a period in the mid-1920s when he lived on the Monterey Peninsula. Traveling the California coast as far north as Mendocino, he painted coastals and landscapes, and made many painting excursions into the mountains and deserts of Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. Miller died in Los Angeles on Dec. 14, 1945. Exh: Kanst Gallery (LA), 1909; Steckel Gallery (LA), 1910, 1912; Blanchard Gallery (LA), 1911; Wilshire Gallery (LA), 1927. In: CHS; Santa Fe Railway; Santa Barbara Hist. Society; Gardena High School.

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