Hernando Villa

Hernando Villa Portrait of a Spanish Nobleman Oil on Board circa 1944 P2666

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Acquired from his sister's estate by John Williams, Villa's agent during his lifetime and after his death. An astonishingly vivid image, as much fantastical as historical, fully immersed in the details of the period and yet shockingly modern in its effect. The sitter's unflinching head-on pose yet faraway gaze and the almost psychedelic level of detail  lavished on the painting (the fabrics alone!) make for a wonderfully immersive  work of art. It's one of the best things we've ever seen Hernando Villa do.

Board measures 21" x 33" and the frame is 30 1/4" x 41" x 2" deep.

Biography   Hernando Villa

Born in Los Angeles, CA on Oct. 1, 1881, the son of Esiquia and Miguel de Villa. His parents came to Los Angeles from Baja California in 1846 when the area was still part of Mexico. Raised in an artistic milieu, his mother was an amateur singer and his father an artist with a studio on the Plaza. Villa studied locally under Louise Garden-MacLeod at the School of Art & Design in 1905, and later taught there after studying for one year in England and Germany. He established a studio in Los Angeles and worked as a commercial artist and illustrator for the Santa Fe Railroad for 40 years. He died in Los Angeles on May 7, 1952. Equally facile with oil, watercolor, pastel, and charcoal, he produced scenes of the Old West, Indians, missions,


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