The Karen Collection

Presenting one of the foremost collections ever put together (close to 500 pieces) of the rarest Bauer, Hillside, Cal-Arts, San Jose, as well as Mexican, tiles and pottery, brilliantly assembled and held up till now in Scottsdale, Arizona. A collection this deep and this wide we have never seen.

Includes: Oil jars in every conceivable color (and size, 8” to 24”), the deco stepped planters, strawberry pots, the honey jars with bee handles, an ice bucket with contrasting cups in their copper carrier, ring-ware cups and dishes and bowls to answer every collector’s secret prayers, ruffle-ware, water bottles with lids, relish plates, butter dishes, punch bowls, spice jars, cookie jars, a super rare beer mug set, early Matt Carlton plain-ware, thrown pieces, the super rare miniatures, hands-on-hips vases and ball pitchers.