Santa Fe All The Way

California Style, our great love, has a formidable rival in our hearts: Santa Fe. We journey there every year, stopping  on the way in Albuquerque, that great bastion of the Southwest, and over time, Santa Fe has entered into our soul. It is famous for doing that. And once it has made you its willing captive, it becomes a part of your psyche forever.

The elements of its magic, besides the determining elements of its light, its climate, its terrain, are its cowboy heritage, the arts and architecture of Mexico and Spain, and the astonishing richness of its bedrock Native American civilization, that deepest wellspring of creativity, the heart of Santa Fe's genius. No wonder so many artists come to capture the place and, truly entranced, stay for the rest of their lives.

This is a taste of what we have brought back from our great trading partner.