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Newell Stevens White Leaf Dish 9.5 x 11

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Newell Stevens White Leaf Dish 9.5 x 11

We are delighted to be able to offer a collection of the rare and unusual handmade ceramics created by Newell B Stevens, founder of Newell Stevens Ceramics in the Los Angeles of the 1940s, a business he started in his Silverlake home. The Lotus pattern evolved from castings of real lotus leaves harvested from the famous lotus garden in Echo Park Lake. Thus was born the Lotus line of dinnerware. In 1973 the company was bought by the Metlox Company which, with some modifications to the design, continued to produce the line.

In its heyday, Newell Stevens dinnerware found favor with many stores, so well did it fit in with the spirit of Mid-Century Modern as well as that playful period offshoot, the still beloved and widely collected Tiki Style. We have a large supply from Newell Stevens' own dead-stock he had preserved in his home, of which this is the tip of the iceberg, in cantaloupe, black, several blues and greens and yellows, pink in many sizes and, characteristically, leaf styles, as well as some experimental pieces… all inspired by organic shapes found in the natural world… so do contact us to inquire if you want to assemble a set, there is too much and too much too varied to take it all in at once. Quantities of each vary widely from item to item and color by color: Cantaloupe, Mellow Yellow, Poodle Pink, Lavender, Very Violet, Matte Black, Turquoise, Forest Green, Ultra Marine, Slate Blue, Royal Blue, White, Chartreuse.

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