California Luxe

Californians not only came west for the good life, they INVENTED the good life. And California became the dream you woke up to instead of waking up from.

Designers, craftsmen and architects, and their clients, the old money people and the millionaires-to-be, responded to the air and the gentle climate and, most importantly (and what pulled the movie industry to the coast in the first place)... the LIGHT.

And the light told them what to do, what colors to play with, how to seek and create shade and how to bask in the sun, how to stay cool, and how to relax (when you weren't playing polo or tennis or golf or running around in fancy fast cars or braving the bracing Pacific in the surf, at the sparkling beaches, or loafing poolside, drink at the ready).

And, because a dream life nurtures and excites the imagination, the styles of the past met and mingled with utopian dreams of better future: Arts and Crafts and classic bungalows mingled with evocations of the Spanish Colonial and the storybook fanciful, and the moderne gave birth to the modern... and there you have it: the California you can still find, if you look for it.

Look for it here...