Hermann Richter

Hermann Richter - Seascape - The Black Wave - Oil on Canvas P3034

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Art measures 38" x 24" and the frame is 45" x 35". It is not signed as per his usual practice but his name has been noted (misspelled) on the back of the canvas, perhaps by a dealer. This is certainly definitely his style and manner of painting.

Hermann Richter was especially noted for his seascapes of which this is a particularly beautiful example. A great nephew submitted this charming biographical sketch to the AskArt site:

"He was born in Hamburg Germany, on July 29, 1875, came to the U.S. in 1927, and lived in California for 14 years. He died in San Diego, California on May 03, 1941. His death certificate lists his Occupation as Artist and Business as Portrait.

He painted murals also for the 1939 Worlds Fair in San Francisco. He also did mural work at Schroeder's Cafe, 240 Front Street in San Francisco. This was a time before World War I when Germany was widely idealized as a romantic, bucolic, beer- and brass-band country. And in 1932, a nostalgic Herman Richter started painting it that way. His mural-size canvasses have enlivened Schroeder's downtown San Francisco restaurant ever since, in both its past and present locations."

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