Book Nook

Every family has one: "Oh, that's our reader", said fondly, if uncomprehendingly. Because, unless you are a reader yourself, you won't understand the desire to carve out a space, find a corner, settle in a window seat, hidden away from your family's louder, more boisterous pursuits and "ruin your eyes", as your mom would put it. You simply want to be alone with your book. And left in peace. And so you furnish it (and in extreme cases, fortify it) with a cozy chair or even a couch, the perfect lamp, a side table for your spectacles and your current reading, and of course a lovely bookcase. Because true readers like to rest their eyes sometimes, and just gaze proudly at their books. A reader's shrine, their happy place, and no matter how large or small your home, it will afford you that sacred space.