Lakeside Golf Club

Porcelain Enamel Lakeside Golf Club Sign Double-sided AP1347

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& PM it proclaims boldly. What is it trying to tell us? Maybe there is a missing element to the message... One thing we are pretty sure of is that this the golf club in Burbank Justin Timberlake belongs to. And that they run a tight ship.  Measures

In 1924, a group of a dozen Hollywood businessmen met in a boardroom at the Hollywood Athletic Club on Sunset Boulevard and worked out a deal for the piece of property in the valley’s Westside that was a huge expanse of orchards at the time. Lakeside was officially formed on May 12 of that same year. With Scotsman Max Behr being selected as the course designer, Lakeside officially opened on November 14, 1925.

Nestled away and off the beaten path, it sits over the city borderlines of the Burbank/Toluca Lake area of the San Fernando Valley, yet literally just a golf swing from the Warner Brothers and Burbank Studios across Olive Avenue, with NBC and Walt Disney Studios nearby, and the Smokehouse restaurant just up the street from the gated security entrance to the club property.

Lakeside is a private golf club, not open to the general public and surrounding community, like a country club would be.

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