Weller Sicard Arts and Crafts Vase CA2138

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Rare form. Measures 9" x 6 1/2" x 6 1/2".

Jacques Sicard was a French ceramist that came to America to work for Weller Pottery for about five years. Supposedly, he never let Samuel Weller know the secret of his glaze so when he returned to France the glaze went with him.

In 1872, Samuel A. Weller founded Weller Pottery in Fultonham, Ohio, United States. Originally, his business consisted of a small cabin and one beehive kiln, and Weller produced flower pots, bowls, crocks, and vases. By 1905, Weller Pottery was the largest pottery in the country. It mass-produced art pottery until about 1920, and it produced commercial lines until the pottery closed in 1948.

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